• Mary Sizemore

The Value of Aging

Oftentimes, aging has negative connotations. Here’s why it shouldn’t be that way! Aging can bring opportunity, strength, and knowledge. Planning for what you may encounter as you age – helps provide independence and choice for yourself and peace of mind to your family. Planning includes many aspects; a living will, a power of attorney, preference of care, and your ability to fund the cost of aging if you become disabled are important facets to consider.

November is LTC Awareness Month, an event recognized by Congress and several states. The goal was to raise awareness to the emotional, physical, and economic toll that long-term care can take on loved ones. The more we understand, the better we can prepare for our own futures as we age.

Avoiding the All or Nothing Approach Long-Term Care Insurance remains the most affordable option in paying for support related to a long-term disability or illness. Affordability is tied to your age, your health and your benefit design. The bigger benefit you consider and/or purchase, the bigger protection you have available but try to avoid the “all or nothing” approach. Policies come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate different budgets. Even a small plan can provide choice of care, asset protection and an extra helping hand to family members. Also, please keep in mind, that most policies include case management – which is a huge resource to family members when arranging for care.

Caregivers are all around us! Daily, I see family caregivers all around me – a daughter providing care to her mother with advanced COPD, a daughter providing care to her father that recently had a stroke, a son providing care to his mother with Late-Onset Dementia, the list goes on and on…do you see them too? Have you been a caregiver yourself?

Yes, your family will take care of you, but long-term care insurance can lend an essential hand!

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