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Long-Term Care Insurance is Affordable!

Oftentimes, I am asked is long-term care insurance affordable?

My short answer is almost always an unquestionable YES!

As you have seen from your own research or through personal experience, long-term care services are not covered under traditional health insurance or Medicare. Long-term care insurance fills that chasm in our retirement planning by paying for these services once you meet the policy’s benefit trigger. Let’s look at the numbers

Cost of Care:

Please see below, this is a based on the recent Cost of Care published by Mutual of Omaha with the national average for care in 2021 and what they project it to be in 25 years based on a 3% inflation increase:

2021 2046

Home Health Care $60,000+/year $126,000+/year

Assisted Living Facility $59,000+/year $124,000+/year

Nursing Home (private) $112,000+/year $242,000+/year

A Sample Premium:

Husband and Wife Age 55 Standard Rates

$6000/month each

$216,000/total benefit pool each

Combined Premium $3800

Based on Florida rates

This gives your client a $72,000/year benefit pool for 3 years. This is meant to fill in those gaps when children or family cannot be there.

From this perspective, long-term care insurance is most-assuredly affordable

For more information on the policies available in your state, please contact a member of our marketing team at 1-800-945-1953. Let us show you the value of long-term care insurance.

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