• Mary Sizemore

Is There a Crack in Your Client’s Retirement Plan?

Early 2022 was a brutal start of the year for the stock market, and as summer progresses, it has only gotten worse. The S & P 500 closed out the first half of the year down nearly 21% - the steepest first half-loss in nearly five decades. There is a dizzying amount of uncertainty for investors, and market volatility is projected to continue throughout the coming months. Ensuring that your clients have a plan for their long-term care expenses has never been more Important. Relying on their portfolio for these expenses may no longer be their best option.

Transferring the Risk to an Insurance Company

Long-term care expenses vary from person to person and condition to condition but transferring a portion of the risk to an insurance company can be a viable option for your clients. As our population ages, the need for care and the cost of providing that care will increase significantly. A long-term care insurance policy can protect a segment of your client’s investments while ensuring their family members are not responsible for the burden of their day-to-day care.

Long-Term Care Insurance Offers Stability

Long-term care insurance offers stability when your client requires care. A defined benefit is available to your client when they meet the benefit trigger of the policy. They will not have to liquidate any assets to pay for that care. Many policies also provide the services of a licensed care manager. A licensed care manager can work with your client and their family to determine the best plan of care.

Planning for Life’s Uncertainties

The CDC estimates that 78% of Americans ages 55 and older have at least one chronic condition and 47% have two chronic conditions. Our clients never want to imagine the uncertainty of life. Yes, your client may be healthy today. However, that can change at any moment.

Please contact our team at 1-800-945-1953 to discuss your client’s plan for long-term care. Various funding options are available, including 1035 exchanges, IRA rollovers, and utilizing 401k dollars.

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