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How to talk to your clients about long-term care

Don’t focus your whole conversation on statistics! Many of our clients that have purchased long-term care insurance, did so because they have had a firsthand experience with a loved one or friend requiring care.

Also, some clients can’t picture themselves ever needing care. So, when you say 70% of Americans over age 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives, they say – that won’t happen to me!

Here are a few conversation starters:

Do you know someone that has needed long-term care?

If yes, what type of care did they need?

If no, share a story from your own family – it’s important to connect with them on a personal level.

If you were to need care, where would you want to receive care?

Most will say at home. Your next question should be, is there a family member or friend that can help you with care at home? Have you spoken to them about being a caregiver and how much time per day they could provide? How do you feel about them being a caregiver to you?

If you had to pay for care, what assets could you easily liquidate, and would there be a penalty or tax consequence?

If you were to use these assets, would this affect the lifestyle of you or your spouse? Are these assets slated for another purpose? College education for grandchildren, inheritance, a bequeath to a church or favorite charity? Would your loved one provide financial support if you needed it?

How is your health today? Have your family members lived long lives? Did they have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or any other disabling, chronic condition? Even healthy clients today, may need long-term care down the road. The mean age for a LTCi claim is age 80. The longer you live, the greater chance that you will need long-term care services.

Your clients are interested in long-term care planning – however, no one wants to think about themselves becoming a burden to their loved ones. We must create opportunities to connect with our clients on a personal level and listen to their concerns. As that famous quote says, “Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply”.

LTC Solutions brings over 40 years of experience in providing solutions to fund long-term care events. We understand the importance of planning for chronic conditions that may create dependency. Smart planners are utilizing our expertise. Long-term care insurance can create an income source for care to help support your valuable clients or family members.

For more information on the long-term care policies available in your state, please contact a member of our marketing team at 1-800-945-1953.

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