• Mary Sizemore

Don’t let your clients be sacked by a long-term care crisis!

The last few weekends have brought us exciting football games that often went into overtime. There is no overtime when a long-term care crisis happens. Sometimes, it’s a slow decline but often it’s a sudden illness that leaves our clients fumbling for options. For the game of life, specifically aging, as long-term care insurance specialists, we must make sure our clients are prepared for what lies ahead.

AALTCI has been busy analyzing data from last year’s claim reports from the major LTCi carriers. The amount per claimant ranges from $19,000-$1,900,000 with the mean $142,000. Click here to read the full data

If your clients are like most, they are looking for that "magic number" - how much will they need in either cash or LTCi benefits to cover them in a long-term care crisis? Unfortunately, we do not have a crystal ball. We can look at family health history, the client's health history, their support system and their assets but some may need more and some may need less. Either way, some LTCi protection is better than none!

A long-term care crisis creates a cash flow issue for your client.

They will have to sell assets quickly to pay for care–

Are there tax consequences in doing that?

Will their healthy spouse be able to maintain their lifestyle?

Is their cherished family vacation home in jeopardy?

Long-term care insurance provides an income stream to help pay for care while those decisions are made.

Look at your client list –

Who has a family history of dementia?

Who has an older annuity or life insurance policy that may have gained value?

Who has a net-worth over $350,000?

Who has a birthday coming up?

If you are not talking to your clients about long-term care – someone else is…start the conversation today! For more information on the policies available in your state, please call one of our marketing specialists today. 1-800-945-1953

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