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Covid and Hospitalization: LTCi Underwriting

Lincoln: If hospitalized on a general ward we require six months (assuming no mechanical ventilation), if in ICU or CCU we require 12 months. That is assuming full recovery, no complications, no residual symptoms.

Minnesota Life (Securian): If mild and no hospitalization needed only isolation or quarantine, we need to be 4 plus weeks out from recovery and released from isolation by a healthcare provider.

If hospitalization required, we need to be 6 plus months out from infection recovery and will need medical records showing current evidence of good health by a medical practitioner.

These cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Mutual of Omaha: 12 month stability

Nationwide: We would require a minimum of 6 months out from the discharge from the hospital but may require 12 months or more depending on if the client was ventilated, had complications, or residuals. We recommend prescreening any clients who were hospitalized for a COVID-19 infection.

NGL: The field guide states if hospitalized, recovered no complications consideration after 6 months. Not recovered would be uninsurable.

OneA: generally, if one is hospitalized with COVID 19, we wait a full 3 months post discharge, before they can apply with us. Then, if they do apply after this timeframe, we require full UWing, with medical records needed on all

Thrivent: In general if there was hospitalization and no complications no additional treatment specifically oxygen use would need to see 12 months of full recovery from the end of all treatment. If client had no complications or additional treatment post hospitalization we then require only a 6 month waiting period from full recovery.

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