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Thank you for attending LTC Solution’s presentation of National Guardian Life’s Long -Term Care Plan. Today we are featuring what we refer to as the Luxury Long-Term Care benefits of their policy. We appreciate your attendance in the middle of our pandemic crisis. Our goal today is to make that time worthwhile. 

It may not be the best time for selling right now, but it is a great time for educating and planting seeds for when our health issue declines as I know it will. This time is somewhat like, we in the LTC business experience during the summer months but unlike the effects of the virus and the stock market – buying an LTC Insurance plan is a solid investment you can count on. This is a time when many of our prospects are at home and may still be interested in talking to you since they have less to do, and more free time.  

Pictured here at the top of your screen is the founder and President of LTC Solutions, George Mellendorf. George is celebrating his 40th year in the Long-Term Care business. He is all about driving sales and will impart some of his ideas with us shortly. If you ask George what’s the best LTC plan to buy, he will respond. “It’s the plan that is in place at the time of utilization.” The best answer ever… in my opinion.