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Dear [first_name],

Did you know, the Pension Protection Act of 2006 actually took effect early 2010 and it enables individuals to take advantage of a new means for tax-favored long term care insurance payments. ...

Best of all, as a result, individuals with an existing life insurance or annuity policy with a gain may wish to complete a 1035 exchange.

What is a 1035 exchange you ask?

"A 1035 exchange is a provision in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code allowing for a tax-free transfer of an existing annuity contract, life insurance policy, long-term care product, or endowment for another one of like kind. To qualify for a Section 1035 exchange, the contract or policy owner must also meet certain other requirements."

Are you concerned about the costs of long-term care and have wanted to understand how you might fund for these costs? Do you have an older life insurance or annuity policy you no longer need or want? 

Is a 1035 Exchange right for you?   Download this 1035 Exchange Guide and then...

Let's have a conversation,