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Meg Jacobs

Meg has been a Sales Professional for more than 30 years and represents LTC Solutions which has served the Insurance business for over 40 years. She is well versed in the Traditional Long-Term Care as well as Hybrid Based Long Term Care (combining traditional coverage with Life Insurance coverage and a death benefit).  Meg can work with you on your own action plan, helping you to protect your assets and income while staying in your own home and enjoying your own independence.  At LTC Solutions, Meg works with the top-rated carriers and provides to you exceptional choices, while working with a highly trained team that will give you confidence in your LTC choice.


Meg’s story -She has always held a great respect for the elderly as her Grandmother lived with Meg and her parents and five siblings. She was her Grandmother’s roommate (as she needed care during the night) from the time she was 8 years old until 14 when her Gram passed away at home with the family. When Meg’s own Mother was widowed and needed care her Long Term Care Insurance gave her the ability to receive assistance in her own home and any of her Children’s homes she visited. Having the LTC not only offered her Mom the attention and help that she needed, but also gave the entire family piece of mind that Mom was taken good care of right until the end of her life.

Due to her personal experience, Meg became convinced just how valuable LTC is in being a great part of one’s estate planning. This led to her involvement in LTC Solutions.

Meg is also licensed to work with you in your Medicare needs with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medical Supplements as well as your Prescription Drug Plans. She will define your coverage choices, network of providers, and ways to enroll as well as the proper time to enroll in Medicare.

Meg’s goal is to use her expertise and find the right fit just for you whether it is in your LTC Plan or your Medicare Plans.

Meg Jacobs