Vice President

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Sally Mellendorf

Vice President of Central States Insurance Services and LTC Solutions. 

She began her insurance career in 1976 and has over 25 years of extensive chronic health care issues exposure and has been specializing in Long Term Care Planning for over 23 years.  In addition to lecturing throughout the United States, Ms. Mellendorf manages the activities of the independent brokerage operation affiliated with LTC Solutions.

Ms. Mellendorf is amongst the most recognized experts in chronic health care planning in the Southeast.  She is a very staunch and vocal advocate of competent and professional Long Term Care Planning.  She has personally mentored the development of many professional representatives and actively enforces the quality of Long Term Care Insurance distribution on a daily basis.

Most recently she has had to witness firsthand the stress and financial burden that families go through with a long term care crises.  Her mother was diagnosed with Lewy Bodies dementia 3 years ago.  Now she realizes just how important her chosen profession is and how not planning can effect a family.  She works harder to ensure that every family has the opportunity to learn and understand Long Term Care, the delivery, and the Insurance. 

In addition to her 25 years of experience she has also earned her CLTC credentials.  Few agents will have the expertise that Ms. Mellendorf can offer. 

Sally Mellendorf