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Dear [first_last name],

As you are preparing for your retirement, it is important to have a plan for paying for long-term care services.  A long-term care crisis is a credible threat to your assets that some people overlook.


The majority or people – 70 percent of adults now age 65 will one day need long-term care services at home, in an assisted living facility or a nursing home.  The cost of care is currently expensive and is continuing to increase.  Unless you have had a long-term care event, strike your family, you may mistakenly believe that Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance will pay for long-term care services. 


  • Medicare is designed to pay for skilled short-term care – after a 3-day prior hospitalization is met. 

  • Medicaid does pay for long-term care services – however, you must spend-down most of your assets before you would qualify. 

  • Private health insurance does not offer any long-term care benefit.


A solution to this dilemma is Asset Care by OneAmerica!


Asset Care is a unique life insurance-based long-term care solution that can cover two people under one single policy.


What is it?

A joint life insurance policy that provides one pool of money to cover two people if a need for LTC arises.  This shared benefit typically costs less than purchasing two individual policies. 

An Asset-Based LTC policy offers you:

  • Premiums that never increase

  • Benefits even if LTC is never needed

  • Flexibility of either a single or two person contract


Asset-Based long-term care policies may provide you with LTC benefits if you need it, but also, they allow you to keep your assets as a legacy if you never need LTC.  Please consider this product as part of your overall estate preservation plan.

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