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Sell Aetna Short-Term Care Insurance - Aetna Home Care Insurance

Do you have clients who DON'T BUY LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE because they are TOO OLD - TOO UNHEALTHY - OR JUST CAN'T AFFORD the premiums?

GOOD NEWS: There is an available option you could be selling them. This webpage focuses on the Aetna (Continental Life) 'short-term care' insurance policy (Recovery Care) as well as the Aetna Home Care Plus policy.

WATCH THE BRIEF VIDEO (link below). The video outlines why these policies offer real benefits for your clients. Click the link below to get appointed to market and sell these policies.

State Availability - Aetna Recovery Care & Home Care Plus

In MOST states BOTH policies are available for sale. Colorado and Maryland

(Recovery Care only).


New Mexico and Pennsylvania

(Home Care Plus only).
Approved states in GREEN. As of December 2020