Our Mission

Long-Term Care Solutions, a division of Central States Financial Services, Inc. is in the business of marketing, selling, and promoting quality Long Term Care Insurance that meets or exceeds the customers expectations at the time of utilization.

Why Sell Long Term Care Insurance?

  • -You can create a revenue stream that will last for years.

  • -It will help protect your clients assets for their loved ones and helps assure that they will receive the highest quality care available should they need it.

  • -Millions of baby-boomers will hit retirement age in the next few years. Which means there will be a HIGH DEMAND for Long Term Care Insurance.

Our Purpose

  • Provide the highest degree of core competence
    in issues affecting chronic health care planning and long term care financing.

  • Provide Financial Planners, Brokers and Agents
    with service, sales support and marketing assistance in promoting professional Long Term Care Insurance sales.

  • Provide Benefits Specialists and Employers
    with the expertise and support needed to install an appropriate Long Term Care Insurance program for their organizations.

Why sell Long Term Care Insurance from us?

  • -What sets LTC Solutions apart from other Long Term Care SGA's and MGA's is the relationship we form with our producers. We provide you with personal training and access to our intellectual properties and services. This includes keeping you up to date on what's happening in the LTC industry and with our products. We will answer all of your questions regarding the Long Term Care Insurance industry, as well as assist you in underwriting questions, illustrations, and assistance in closing cases via conference calls with you and your clients.

  • -Our marketing department is continuously developing innovative marketing strategies created especially for you. Whether it be Internet leads or pre-made newspaper inserts, we are sure to have one that will match your needs.

  • -Our company offers direct vested commissions as well as competitive rates and choices for you and your clients!

  • -Instant WebQuote access, you will be able to do comparison quotes instantly online for all the LTC insurance carriers.

LTC Solutions is teaming up with The Krause Agency. This site will be shut down on 12/20/2022 and some of its content will be available at thekrauseagency.com.